Neonatal intensive care

What price for better neonatal critical care services?

A new report on neonatal critical care proposes far-reaching changes to services


Is children's healthcare back on the map or just for the summer?...

Involving fathers more in the care of their sick children is one issue that seems to be...

Lessons from team who won more nursing for special schools

Work of team who showed value of nursing in special schools holds lessons for others


When trust is lost, no one wins

What can we learn from the Alfie Evans case at Alder Hey Children's Hospital?


Time to really prepare the NHS for winter

While some people might not accept the NHS is in a crisis, it is hard to deny the increasing...

Nominate your colleague

A chance for ‘ordinary’ nurses to share, inspire and win recognition for their...

Nominate yourself or a colleague for this year’s RCNi Nurse Awards and help celebrate...


Are children's nurses fit for the future? I think so...

Delegates came from across the UK to attend the Children’s Nursing: Fit for the Future?...


Presumed consent to organ donation could be accepted UK-wide

Organ donation except where the person or family opts out has already been accepted in Wales.


We need to reduce pressure on children’s services during winter

Hospital at home services are one way to keep acutely ill children out of hospital.


Is children’s nursing fit for the future?

Our first conference will offer you an opportunities to debate the many changes taking place...


Children can thrive on a blended diet

RCN Wales 2016 Nurse of the Year has developed a best-practice protocol for administering a...

Manchester bombing

After the horror, the heroes

That someone could descend into the barbarism required to target young concert goers at...

Send politicians a message at RCN congress

We need to decide how to deliver the best healthcare for the next generation of children and...

Children's Nursing: Fit for the Future?...

Make your feelings known about the future of the children's nursing degree, as concerns

Survey reiterates the morale mantra, but Hunt still not listening

A new survey by Nursing Standard and the Sunday Mirror newspaper reinforces the obvious...

Is the children's nursing degree about to be scrapped?...

Nursing Children and Young People editorial by Christine Walker.

RCN sets the bar high for advanced nursing status

It’s good to see the college taking the lead on defining advanced practice, and it seems...

How should children’s nurses manage mental health issues?

If the number of young people with mental health problems continues to rise, nurses will...