Reflective writing

Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene

Emergency department

Emotional highs and lows in the emergency department: the student experience

Liverpool John Moores University children's nursing student Hayley Moran reflects on...

Lynsey Wilgaus

Dignity from the first breath: a student's experience...

Queen's University Belfast children's nursing student Lynsey Wilgaus, a finalist from the...

Ryan Jones student voice

I can do this: a student's experience of life-limiting conditions...

Salford University child health student Ryan Jones, a finalist from the NCYP Student Voice...

Advice and development

Bethany Smith

How I’m learning to deal with death

Student Voice competition finalist Bethany Smith on overcoming anxiety to support a ‘good...

Hannah from one of the videos celebrating neurodiverse nurses

Videos celebrate neurodiverse nurses

Nurses and nursing students with dyslexia and dyspraxia make a valuable contribution to care...

Student voice

Christopher Steele

Missing: where have all the male nursing students gone?

Fewer men are applying to nursing courses and we need to do more to attract them into the...


Starting out: Butterflies on the first day

Newly qualified nurses can feel a sense of pride that they have joined the profession.

Emma Cowen

Calm your nerves to get ahead when job hunting

Preparation is vital for approaching the job hunting process, says third year nursing...


Helping people through their darkest hours

Comforting distressed parents was a privilege that student Emma Cowen will never forget

Emma Cowen

Transition of another sort

Nurses aren’t nosy, they’re just blessed with plenty of professional curiosity

Andy O'Connell

Nursing a dying patient: a student's perspective...

Hertfordshire University child health nursing student Andy O'Connell, a finalist in the NCYP...

Nursing studies

Poor care

How students should raise concerns with their tutors

University lecturers Robin Ion and Richard Craven offer advice on how nursing students can...

Clinical placements

What to do when words fail

Communication problems are not uncommon when people with complex needs are admitted to...


Observing cardiac surgery made me appreciate theatre nurses’ role

Watching a surgeon replace a young patient’s heart valves helped children’s nursing student...


Bringing a smile to help in the tough times

Caring for a young teenager reminded children's nursing student Harriet Pollard why taking...

Lauren Stafford

Tailor your communication to your patient

Caring for a patient with a severe brain injury taught Lauren Stafford the importance of...


Delegation and its challenges

Esiri Ohwovoriole learned to share the load as her nursing responsibilities increased in...

compassionate care

Holding a patient's hand taught me an important lesson on placement...

Spending time providing a patient with simple reassurance can be as exciting as any other...

Newly qualified nurses

Give young people a say in nurse recruitment

Involving children and young people in the recruitment process can bring equal rewards for...

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