Research in practice

Picture shows a group of young people engaged in friendly conversation. Senior research nurse Heather Rostron examined the attitudes of investigators who recruit children and young people as advisers for research projects.

Patient involvement in research: ensuring their true voice is heard

Involving children and young people in healthcare research presents challenges for nurses

The word ‘Hope’ written in sand on a beach. Picture: iStock

What hope means for families of children with rare diseases in clinical trials

Does ‘hope’ help as a coping mechanism in clinical trials or give rise to misconceptions and possibly false hope?

Pregnant women at a parent support group

Experiences of pregnant women with fetal diagnosis of congenital heart disease

Parent support groups have an important role for women with fetal abnormalities

Involving bereaved parents in research design can be a mutually beneficial experience

Tara Kerr-Elliott’s interviews influenced a proposed study on post-death care

Child feeding

How patient involvement enhances research into feeding children during BMT

By sharing their views patients, families and researchers can ensure research is relevant

Is high-flow nasal cannula therapy feasible for managing bronchiolitis in ED?

A literature review examines potential benefits of using high-flow nasal cannula therapy

How to spot the signs of self harm in a young person and handle the situation

Nursing students at the University of Leeds looked into the issue of self-harm as part their studies on the mental health of children and young people


How well equipped are children's nurses to deal with mental health conditions?

Literature review examines experiences of children's nurses and the impact training can have


What support do parents need when their child is receiving end of life care?

How nurses can support the parents of terminally ill children


What are the experiences of parents who have witnessed the resuscitation of their child?

Literature review of on family-witnessed resuscitation: an extended abstract

Exploring students' perceptions of stress levels

What are healthcare students’ perceptions on their own stress levels and coping strategies during clinical placement?

CBT interventions for young people with type 1 diabetes review

A review of randomised controlled trials in cognitive behaviours interventions

An exploratory study of the experiences of children and young people with an...

Being held still and not being informed about why a procedure was being carried out are some...

Youth homelessness, sexuality and healthcare: the lived experiences of transgender...

A research study on sexual health and homelessness aims to influence change in service...

Can residential camps improve outcomes for young people with long-term health...

Exploring the impact of using a specialised camp programme for young people who have long-...

Effectiveness of urokinase for salvaging occluded central venous access devices

A literature review explores the effectiveness of urokinase in salvaging occluded central...

Understanding parents’ experiences of caring for a child with congenital heart disease

Literature review of the impact of caring for a child with congenital heart disease

A rare differential for non-accidental injury

Case study analysis of a two-year-old admitted to the ED in a case of unexplained fractures