Book review: Great Ormond Street Handbook of Paediatrics

Illustrative guide aimed at all healthcare professionals caring for children and young people

Great Ormond Street Handbook of Paediatrics (second edition)
Stephan Strobel, Lewis Spitz and Stephen D Marks
CRC Press
£63.99 | 736pp
ISBN: 9781482222791

This second edition textbook, written by professors and consultants in the field of paediatrics from Great Ormond Street Hospital, aims to provide healthcare professionals with insight into conditions prevalent in children and young people.

Each condition is explained, its prognosis discussed, and treatment plans covered and supported by photographs and illustrations.

The publication does not have a purely nursing focus; rather it is aimed at general practitioners, medical students, community and general paediatricians. The content is detailed in places, which for some nurses and medical students may be overwhelming, and therefore risk losing their interest.

Specialist tertiary centres

Nurses who work in specialist tertiary centres or units who care for more complex children and young people with specific conditions would benefit more from this publication. However, as a form of reference it will be useful to many practitioners although much of the material can be found in other textbooks.

This publication is divided into 23 chapters, exploring a number of topics including emergency medicine, neonatal, paediatric, plastic surgery and child protection, to conditions that affect the respiratory, cardiac, renal, neurological, dermatology, ear nose and throat, and ophthalmology systems.

Other areas explored are genetics, infectious diseases, metabolic, oncology, endocrine, haematology, urology, allergy, orthopaedic and immune conditions.

As this book is expensive, it would perhaps not be a book individuals would purchase for themselves, but would be useful if found in healthcare providers' and university libraries.

Debbie Killman, senior paediatric nurse, Children’s In-Patients, Gloucester Royal Hospital, Gloucester


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