Book review: Mental Health in Children and Young People

Senior lecturer Dean-David Holyoake reviews Mental Health in Children and Young People

Mental Health in CYPMental Health in Children and Young People
Sarah Vohra
Sheldon Press
£9.99 | 128 pp
ISBN: 9781847094698

This useful guidance considers the needs and concerns of teenagers and parents who encounter psychological difficulties in their lives.

It makes use of real-life case studies and questions, and presents an array of bullet-pointed information that makes it accessible and easy to digest.

At a time when there is a glut of information about what to do about the mental health needs of young people, this little book is packed with sound advice.

Reviewed by Dean-David Holyoake, nurse consultant, child and adolescent mental health services, and senior lecturer in children's nursing, University of Wolverhampton

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