Jim Blair

General hospitals need to be more welcoming for people who have learning disabilities

The notion that hospitals are unfavourable for service users was echoed by many nurses...

LDP conference editorial

Sell-out Learning Disability Practice conference in October will ensure a lively agenda

Lessons from the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review, recruitment and reasonable...


Looking to the future for learning disability nurses

New standards on how people with learning disabilities are cared for in hospitals in England...


Urgent action needed to ensure learning disability nursing is not wiped out

What can be done to ensure learning disability nursing retains high-quality staff?

Richard Handley

Specialist training is essential to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities

Mencap’s Treat Me Well campaign aimed at healthcare professionals follows NHS failings more...

Learning Disability Practice editorial

The crisis facing learning disability nursing, is, sadly, all too real

Making a pitch for learning disability nursing


Passing the baton to the next generation of learning disability nurses

Thirty six years on and with change round every corner, what can the new cohort of nurses...


Transference: safeguarding service users who are vulnerable to exploitation

People with learning disabilities can be particularly susceptible to this type of encounter

Planet Rachael

Planet Rachael: making reasonable adjustments to ensure our holiday is all plane

Getting on a flight with a child who has autism can be challenging

Why we need a plan to shift individual blame culture

Will rethinking the concept of accountability shift the individual blame culture in the NHS?

Why train learning disability nurses to an advanced level if there are no jobs for them?

Advanced nurse practitioner training is a waste of public money if the skills cannot be put...

Hospital passport paperwork

Doing simple things can improve care for people with learning disabilities

Talking to patients and those close to them, as well as checking health passports, can help...


Book review: Little Meerkat’s Big Panic – A story about learning new ways to feel calm

Registered nurse Gosia Brykczyńska reviews Little Meerkat’s Big Panic – A story about...

Book review: The Brain: What it Does, How it Works & How it Affects Behaviour

Senior lecturer Bernadette Waldron reviews The Brain: What it Does, How it Works & How...

Christina Murdock

Family drama with an explosive denouement

Lesley Warner reports on a play that focuses on the dynamic between three siblings – one of...

Transition to Nursing Practice

Book review: Transition to Nursing Practice: from student to registered nurse

Associate professor Nikki Welyczko reviews a text that is applicable to four fields of...


Book review: The British Betrayal of Childhood

Nurse consultant Annette Dearmun reviews Sir Aynsley-Green’s personal examination of public...

Book review: Medical Aspects of Autism and Asperger Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and...

Senior occupational therapist Jo Ball reviews Medical Aspects of Autism and Asperger...