Book review: Transition to Nursing Practice: from student to registered nurse

Associate professor Nikki Welyczko reviews a text that is applicable to four fields of nursing practice

Transition to Nursing Practice: from student to registered nurse
Angela Darvill, Melanie Stephens, Jacqueline Leigh
Learning Matters
£18.99 | 216pp
ISBN: 9781473978683

This book aims to support the transition from nursing student to registered nurse and from mentorship through to preceptorship. It is based on the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Standards for Pre-Registration Nurse Education 2010, which limits its shelf-life somewhat as it will only be applicable to some students due to the publication of the NMC (2018) standards.

The book is structured in eight chapters, all dedicated to a specific area relevant to student transition and uses self-assessment and reflection as crucial learning tools. As it is generically written, it is applicable to all four fields of nursing practice. Each chapter contains case studies, scenarios, further reading and websites to support the reader in their continuing personal and professional development.

The key strengths of the book are the scenarios, which are easily relatable to and the practical tips offered. The book encourages students and newly registered nurses to consider their personal, professional and academic strengths and areas for development.

There are good links between university and clinical practice and the section on health and well-being is a welcome inclusion.

This book would be suitable on the reading lists of third year transition modules.

Reviewed by Nikki Welyczko, associate professor and associate head of school, De Montfort University, Leicester


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