Career advice

We saw first-hand how learning disability nurses helped our son

After witnessing their son’s care, a couple have decided to become learning disability nurses

Tapping into the wisdom of learning disabilities nurses

The RCN wants all acute hospitals to have 24-hour access to a learning disabilities liaison...

Look after yourself

Caring for yourself when you are the patient

Being a nurse doesn’t give immunity from long-term illness: points to consider after being...


Study highlights link between unfairness and staff sickness

Work dissatisfaction can affect health, recruitment and retention

Careers target

Rediscover your passion by setting fresh career goals

Work motivation can be kick-started by redefining your ambitions

Executive stress

Stress puts off nurse directors from going for the top job

A recent report shows nurse directors are reluctant to take on chief executive roles because...

Stressed nurse

Simple ways to take back control and reduce your stress levels

In a challenging work situation, the level of stress and anxiety you are feeling may well be...

Job interview

Be a leading candidate

Nerves can take hold and speech become garbled when you are put on the spot. Here, we offer...


Workplace matters

Medical settings are fast-paced and busy, so if someone is not pulling their weight, it can...

Open to change

Stay open to change

Most of us find change a challenge, but by accepting it as inevitable we can make the most...

Nurse-led clinic

Want to set up a nurse-led clinic? Here's how to do it

Detailed planning and communication with team members are vital to creating a successful...

Social media

Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter when you're job hunting

Employers are increasingly turning to social media as a recruitment tool

From negative to positive: turn redundancy into an opportunity

Being made redundant can feel like a crushing blow, but it might just be the springboard to...

Spirit of collaboration

Few of us work in isolation, so ensuring your team works well together is essential.

Make the right choice

Two employers are vying for your services, so how do you choose between them? Here's some...

Expanding skills and experience

Band 5 and 6 nurses at one of the UK's largest employers are benefiting from a novel...

Lessons from rejection

So you didn't get the job. Time to brush yourself down and prepare for next time

Bank nursing: a flexible option

Joining the nurse bank can give you control over your hours, and open up opportunities to...