Join the Emergency Care Association at RCN Congress and make your voice heard

Congress on 19-23 May can be a great platform to generate and share ideas

Congress can be a great platform to generate and share ideas, says Janet Youd

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‘It’s not fair!’ came the cry from my eldest daughter in response to some perceived injustice.

This simple phrase led to me to reflect that life indeed can seem unfair.

Every emergency nurse has seen the repercussions of genuine accidents and catastrophic illness, and some families do seem to have more than their fair share.

While much of what happens in life can appear to be attributable to luck, good or bad, there are things we can do to maximise our chances to make it good.

Collective voice

Alongside taking care of our health by stopping smoking, eating more healthily, getting enough sleep and exercising, we can also maximise our chances of career satisfaction.

I can honestly say that after choosing emergency nursing, joining the Emergency Care Association (ECA) was one of the best career decisions I have made.

Being part of such a huge emergency nursing family means that when things seem unfair we have a collective voice of more than 8,000 members to influence policy and practice.

I have met inspirational colleagues nationwide and made lifelong friends who I can rely on to listen to me when I feel that life isn’t fair, then put me back on track with a dose of reality.

A platform for ideas

Through these relationships we have achieved some great things: the RCN Emergency Nursing Competency Framework, the Baseline Emergency Staffing Tool and interactive social media platforms for all members. But there is much more to do.

The annual RCN congress is a great platform to generate and share ideas, and make our collective voice heard.

Along with the other ECA committee members, I will be representing emergency nursing in debates and discussions and networking with other professional forums.

What matters in the workplace

We would love to meet members, old and new, and hear what matters to them in their workplace. Sharing tips for parenting teenage daughters would be a bonus.

At the end of December I will come to the end of my term of office as chair of the ECA. There will also be four committee vacancies.

This forum needs new ideas and the next generation of nurses for its evolution.

Opportunities to improve

If you want to influence the development of emergency nursing as a specialty, and not just leave it to luck, consider coming to congress in Liverpool from 19-23 May to meet us, and apply to join the association.

Life will still seem unfair sometimes, but when we accept that, we look for opportunities to improve ourselves and the care we provide.

Attending RCN congress and getting on board with the ECA is an opportunity to do just that.

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Janet Youd is chair of the RCN’s Emergency Care Association

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