A nurse standing at the hospital bedside of a young child is watched by the child as she holds a file on which she is filling out a paediatric early warning system chart

How the new paediatric early warning system works and what it means for you

The system offers a standardised approach to responding when a child becomes seriously unwell

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A woman touches her throat/neck area after potentially experiencing non-fatal strangulation

Non-fatal strangulation: spot the signs and what you need to know

Practical advice for nurses on meeting a person’s safeguarding needs

Nurse suicide: what support is there for those at risk and grieving colleagues?

Support from healthcare employers is key to preventing tragedies

We’re glad you came: how to make sure overseas recruits know they’re welcome and valued

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ReSPECT process: a step-by-step guide from Resuscitation Council UK

Expert advice on the process for creating an emergency care and treatment plan

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Lucy Letby: how the trial unfolded and timeline of investigation into babies’ deaths

We review the key events, after the nurse’s sentencing for murder and attempted murder

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Working in an emergency department can take a toll but help is available

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Emergency care for 12 to 25 year olds might need to be adapted to meet their needs