Scenes from a busy emergency department: in the foreground a senior sister updates another member of staff on care priorities

Emergency care: have your say on issues that matter to you

RCN’s emergency care forum is committed to making the specialty one to be proud of

A triage nurse speaks to a patient and her friend to assess their symptoms in the emergency department

Staff safety and well-being is vital in pressurised emergency departments

Overcrowding and other pressures can take their toil on ED nursing staff

A busy emergency department with a paramedic looking serious, a nurse looking concerned while holding paperwork, while another nurse speaks to someone on the phone

ED pressures: how to enhance your nursing practice in difficult conditions

Winter brings extra pressures for an overstretched workforce, so nurses need to work together

Toxic behaviour

Toxic behaviour in the ED: why we must look after our workforce

If is vital to seek support if you witness bullying or are bullied yourself

Safe staffing in England and Northern Ireland should be enshrined in law

Call to nurses to get behind campaign for legislation


Can emergency care survive another 50 years?

Too many patients must wait excessive periods for care in emergency departments.

Nominate your colleague

A chance for ‘ordinary’ nurses to share, inspire and win recognition for their...

Nominate yourself or a colleague for this year’s RCNi Nurse Awards and help celebrate exceptional nursing care, writes editor Graham Scott


We need better training to win the fight against sepsis

Patients and professionals must recognise the signs and symptoms of sepsis much more quickly.


Why we need to share local urgent treatment centre protocols

Emergency care staff have an opportunity to create more integrated services.


Staff under stress need our support

We need to do more to retain emergency nurses under increasing levels of workplace stress.


Every child with an autism spectrum condition has specific needs

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects perceptions of the world and interactions with other people.


Use of automated external defibrillators saves lives

Ambulance services in England attempt the resuscitation of almost 30,000 people who have experienced out-of-hospital cardiac arrest each year.

The duty to care has never been more relevant

Following our professional standards of practice can often be difficult in tough situations...

Finding a solution to the workforce crisis

Consultant editor of Emergency Nurse Tricia Scott discusses the options for emergency care...

Survey reiterates the morale mantra, but Hunt still not listening

A new survey by Nursing Standard and the Sunday Mirror newspaper reinforces the obvious...

Why weight should be the fifth vital sign we check

Role of emergency nurses in encouraging patients to take exercise.

RCN sets the bar high for advanced nursing status

It’s good to see the college taking the lead on defining advanced practice, and it seems...