Practice question

A poster showing how to recognise a potential posterior stroke by using the acronym BEFAST

How can I identify the signs of a posterior stroke?

It can be difficult to recognise the symptoms, but the BEFAST acronym can help

A woman weighs herself on weighing scales while taking to a nurse to the side of her

How do I talk sensitively to people who are living with obesity about weight and health?

Even short conversations about weight can help patients, but avoid suggesting blame

A nurse talks to a woman in the emergency department: skillful patient assessment forms the basis of triage

How can I improve my patient triage skills in the emergency department?

Decision-making, patient assessment and triage algorithms are important skills to develop

An emergency department nurse leads a team debrief following a significant event

What should an ED team debrief involve and how do I lead one?

Emergency departments are high-pressured and debriefings can help sustain a healthy workplace

How can you identify and manage people presenting with delirium in the ED?

The condition can develop quickly and result in increased risk of dementia and mortality

What is the Sepsis Six tool and how and when should I use it?

Implementation of the protocol, updates and other guidance for nurses to consider