Book review: The Mindful Nurse

How mindfulness and compassion can boost nurses' skills.

The Mindful Nurse

The Mindful Nurse

Carmel Sheridan

Rivertime Press

£19.95 | 372pp

ISBN: 9780993324529




An excellent text for nurses at any stage of their careers, this book takes the reader step by step through mindful and compassionate practice, giving readers an opportunity to explore each stage.

There are plenty of examples of how mindfulness and compassion can be used to help nurses improve their skills. Each chapter introduces ways to practise mindfulness, including breathing, walking, sitting, team working and leadership, every day.

The real value of this book is in how it provides an opportunity to adapt skills to the reader’s individual needs. Nurses can enhance their learning using online resources and reflection.

This text offers a diverse range of skills and information, including the evidence base for mindful and compassionate care.

I would recommend the book to all nurses interested in exploring how mindfulness could help them in their work.

Reviewed by Marjorie Ghisoni, lecturer in mental health nursing, Bangor University, Gwynedd

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