Book review: The Essentials of Nursing Leadership

Inspiring update has all aspects of leadership covered.

The Essentials of Nursing Leadership

The Essentials of Nursing Leadership

Ruth Taylor and Brian Webster-Henderson

Sage Publishing

£22.99 | 216pp

ISBN: 9781412962025



All aspects of leadership are covered in this excellent book.

The first part focuses on theory of leadership, and the second on the necessary skills, approaches and styles.

The book is up to date and relevant, with each chapter written, or contributed to, by experts, academics and healthcare leaders. References are made to the latest research, and there is a useful companion website that enables access to relevant journal articles and video clips.

Inspiring interviews with leaders and nursing students offer goals and career signposts. It is a reminder to managers and leaders of the determination and compassion of nursing students.

Written in an empowering encouraging style, nurse managers, educators and mentors should recommend this book to their students.

It may also be useful to leaders themselves - although it may not help us to manage our work-life balance better or deal with work pressures, it just might inspire us to support each other to give the best care we can.

Reviewed by Joanna Copeman, falls prevention lead, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

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