Vantage Point: How nursing is leading the way in Wales

A new Welsh parliamentary review sets out recommendations of a long term plan for the development of health and social care

The parliamentary review of health and social care in Wales, A Revolution from Within, was published in January 2018. It makes ten recommendations that inform the development of a new long-term plan for health and social care.

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The review sets a compelling case for change and articulates the lived experiences of nurses at all levels. It describes a vision of care that empowers individuals, is focused on prevention and is provided as close to people’s homes as possible.

In line with the review findings, chief nursing officer (CNO) for Wales Jean White and the nurse directors in Wales published in September 2017 a set of eight national interim principles on district nurse staffing based on the best available evidence in practice.

'Nursing can not only rise to the challenge set by the parliamentary review, but can also lead by example'

Additional funding and plans

Embedding these principles will take time, but in December the Welsh Government announced additional funding to pilot prototype neighbourhood district nursing in urban, valley and rural communities to support progress. The aim is to deliver person-centred, seamless and prevention-focused nursing services to local communities.

Nursing leadership in Wales, through the CNO and the nurse directors she works with, has been able to position community nursing at the forefront of transforming healthcare in Wales, demonstrating that nursing can not only rise to the challenge set by the parliamentary review, but can also lead by example.

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Paul Labourne is a nursing officer in the Welsh Government and member of the Nursing Management editorial advisory board

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