Revalidation articles

Revalidation video

Watch our animated guide to revalidation

Our short film explains the revalidation process

Continuous development

Revalidation process gives specialists a chance to shine

As the first tranche of staff renew registration this month, cancer nurses explain why a new...

Patient feedback

How nurses are preparing for the revalidation process

Five nurses from across the UK discuss their plans for renewing their registration,...

Reflective writing

An introduction to revalidation

Why revalidation, why now?

Reflective practice

Revalidation and reflective practice

Alison Finch explores how reflection is an important aspect of the re-registration process...

Revalidation workshop

Registrants’ guide to revalidation

Beverley Marriott explains why nurses and midwives should not feel too anxious about...

Helen Goldsmith

Afraid of revalidation? Let us put you at ease

Alison Moore seeks to offer reassurance to nurses working for GPs, agencies, care homes and...


Revalidation offers nurses and midwives opportunities

As the first tranche of nurses go through the new system, primary care professionals explain...


First wave of nurses apply for revalidation

All nurses and midwives must have reflective discussions about their work to demonstrate...

Ben Howcroft

All set for a challenge

The revalidation process will eventually become part of who we are as nurses, says RCN Nurse...

Nurse using tablet computer

Record as you learn

Mandy Day-Calder outlines the importance of having a clear and accurate portfolio that...


Revalidation support for agency workers

Some agency nurses may feel they are on their own as they get ready for revalidation, but it...

Revalidation is a rewarding experience

Prison nurse Julia Hagger discusses her role in piloting revalidation and dispels some myths...

Big lessons in revalidation from Welsh pilot

Most participants in a huge pilot in Wales coped well with the new system – but for some, it...

Revalidation: implications for senior nurses

CPD article about revalidation and its implications for senior nurses

A holistic approach to revalidation

Despite nurses’ concerns, Emma Vincent argues that the move to a new model will produce...

Be prepared for revalidation

The NMC is expected to approve the new revalidation system next month. David Foster explains...

How to demonstrate fitness to practise

Charlotte Austin took part in a pilot of the proposed new revalidation system and found it a...