Jane Bates

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NHS terminology is a craft in itself

Patients are often confused by the language we use – and it’s no wonder, says Jane Bates

Confusing language
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Jane Bates: mind your language to avoid a 'right old stew'

Every language has an array of confusing phrases that are part of everyday speech and we must be mindful of this when talking to patients and colleagues, says Jane Bates

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Jane Bates: Patients need to keep their cool

Jane Bates struggles with patients’ demands to keep the hospital cool during a heatwave

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I was trained to be hands off with patients but I think a hug might be the best medicine

Hugs between patients and staff can be a welcome part of the job, says Jane Bates

Looking for serial numbers
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Why broken down medical equipment is a serial problem for nurses

Locating the serial number to report a broken machine is impossible unless you contort

A pregnant healthcare worker
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Late shifts and long hours don’t say ‘antenatal care’ to me

Pregnancy is not an illness, but it can be an exhausting time for NHS staff, says Jane Bates

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Fitted sheets on hospital beds have been a long time coming

What will we do without former icon of the profession, the hospital corner, asks Jane Bates

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Pay rise: maybe it's time to strike

Nurses are right to feel short changed by claims that earnings are up, says Jane Bates

Several cartoon figures having tantrums
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No excuse for grown-up tantrums at work

Temper tantrums seem liberating, but self-control is a better choice, says Jane Bates

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Turning the tide on NHS waste

A sea change in practice is needed to reduce the amount of waste in the NHS, says Jane Bates

clinician holds purse
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Jane Bates: It's time we stopped taking the NHS for granted

We demand more than the 70-year-old NHS can deliver

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Jane Bates: What the sugar tax can’t change

Despite the best efforts of government and healthcare staff, sometimes the message doesn’t get through

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Reflections on a loss of hearing

Jane Bates deals with a debilitating condition

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Help the NHS by buying your own medicine

Buy your own medicine if available over the counter to ease the burden on the NHS, says Jane...

Woman with masks
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We shouldn't have to lie about short staffing

Hospital managers must take responsibility when understaffing affects care, says Jane Bates

Gender bias
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Jane Bates: The unsaid gender bias in nurses' poor pay

The glass ceiling doesn't seem to affect our male colleagues

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Chilblains: a blast from the past

The old days were all very well but chilblains are best consigned to history, says Jane Bates

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Jane Bates: Knitting might be the best medicine

A report that claims knitting could have health benefits making it worthy of being prescribed on the NHS sets Jane Bates on a flight of fancy