Jane Bates

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Jane Bates: What the sugar tax can’t change

Despite the best efforts of government and healthcare staff, sometimes the message doesn’t get through

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Reflections on a loss of hearing

Jane Bates deals with a debilitating condition

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Help the NHS by buying your own medicine

Buy your own medicine if available over the counter to ease the burden on the NHS, says Jane...

Woman with masks
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We shouldn't have to lie about short staffing

Hospital managers must take responsibility when understaffing affects care, says Jane Bates

Gender bias
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Jane Bates: The unsaid gender bias in nurses' poor pay

The glass ceiling doesn't seem to affect our male colleagues

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Chilblains: a blast from the past

The old days were all very well but chilblains are best consigned to history, says Jane Bates

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Jane Bates: Knitting might be the best medicine

A report that claims knitting could have health benefits making it worthy of being prescribed on the NHS sets Jane Bates on a flight of fancy

Duchess of Cambridge
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Jane Bates: What nursing needs is adequate resources, not royal patronage

Duchess of Cambridge's endorsement of Nursing Now campaign is not enough to keep us sweet

Fly on the wall
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Jane Bates: A fly's eye view of the NHS pay rise talks 

Fancy being an eavesdropper when the proposed salary hikes were devised? Jane Bates takes you there...

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Advice to walk like a penguin was bound to bring cold comfort

Health advice is given with good intentions, but telling older people to walk like penguins during the big freeze was never going to go down well, says Jane Bates

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Only a bully would demand more productivity from nurses

Anyone naive enough to think nurses might get a meaningful pay rise will have been brought down to earth by the proposed link to ‘productivity’, which in a nursing context can mean anything, says Jane Bates

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Jane Bates: How to prevent the NHS from going down the drain

The response to the nursing crisis has been to step up training or recruit nurses from abroad. But unless the issues prompting nurses to leave the profession are addressed the NHS will not survive, says Jane Bates

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Jane Bates: Public humiliation left me walking on eggshells - but now it's time to move on and offer help

A past encounter in which Jane Bates was accused of being a 'do-gooder' left her thinking twice when providing aid

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Jane Bates: Anyone on the wagon should be cheered on, not dragged down

If a friend is trying to improve their health by going on a diet or giving up alcohol offer encouragement and support, don’t try and drag them down, says Jane Bates

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Jane Bates: Forget pride, it’s over efficiency that comes before a fall 

In her haste to be highly organised, Jane Bates almost costs her trust a fortune by opening an expensive pack of medicine that may not be needed after all

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Jane Bates: Nurse leaders need to start telling it like it really is 

An investigation by the BBC, based on figures released by NHS Digital, shows nurses are leaving the profession in droves. This was an opportunity for senior nurse leaders to speak out about the overwhelming stress and financial struggles faced by today’s nurses, but they blew it, says Jane Bates

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Jane Bates: How can a board game lead to a broken rib?

Forget risky sports and drinking too much alcohol, a sedate game of Scrabble is the biggest danger to health, says Jane Bates

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Jane Bates: A little appreciation goes a long way

A simple ‘thank you’ for a job well done costs nothing and is a positive among the tiredness and stress of nurses’ working lives, says Jane Bates