Jane Bates

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My wish for a life without emotional blackmail

Unfair pressure to do extra work is the bane of a nurse’s life, says Jane Bates

fake news newspaper
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Jane Bates: tales of dangling eyeballs are nothing more than fake news… honest!

It can be hard for nurses to debunk myths that some patients seem to prefer over hard fact

mentor with two students
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Jane Bates: mentors can’t wrap students up in cotton wool

But it is our duty to help them build resilience against nursing’s hard knocks

Young female nurse comforts middle aged man with head in his hands
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Jane Bates: Staff shortages means we lose chances for compassion

No one had time to comfort a distressed patient. If only a liaison officer had been there

Ill-looking woman lying down while talking on phone
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Jane Bates: Is it alright to contact a sick colleague?

A modern conundrum brings back memories from Jane Bates' student days

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Jane Bates: How art helped me cope with the tough times

Jane Bates recalls how art galleries helped heal the stress of work as a nursing student

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Jane Bates: Painful predicament of the worried well

Risk being labelled ‘worried well’ or miss a diagnosis so as not to ‘bother the doctor’?

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Jane Bates: A grandma’s grumble on behalf of young families

Support for young families is lacking, and the authorities need to get their act together

Chocolate in veganuary
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Jane Bates: When Veganuary seems a diet challenge too far

Gloomy days and chocolate conspire against the meat-free, dairy-free nutritional trend

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Jane Bates: Advice that’s tough to digest

Nutrition advice to pregnant women can cause anxiety, says Jane Bates

Worrying about failure
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Jane Bates: Well-being is on trend, but no one’s talking about fear of failure

For many of us, learning from our mistakes seems merely an expression, not an option

New Year image
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Jane Bates: new year, new rules

While Brexit may not mean Brexit, New Year always means resolutions

An illustration of a woman standing between an angelic and demonic version of herself
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Jane Bates: Don’t let the bad fairy handle patient complaints

Even with a well-run clinic schedule you can’t please everyone

Jane Bates
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Jane Bates: My message to NHS managers this festive season

Our columnist’s thoughts turn to Christmas, killjoys… and rhyming couplets

agency nurse
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Jane Bates: you are wrong about agency nurses, Mr Health Secretary

Agency nurses don't demoralise NHS staff – it's the sheer lack of nurses that's the problem

Confused woman taking a pill
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Why can't drug names be easy to pronounce?

A surprising answer leaves Jane Bates incredulous

lie detector
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Jane Bates: telling someone they can’t see well enough to drive is not my favourite task

I'm glad driver eyesight – or lack of it – is now being taken seriously by traffic police

Older woman with a hearing aid
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Jane Bates: Sound and vision can help with dementia

The sensory losses that can come with age have a big impact on mental health