Jane Bates

Illustration showing two nursing team members in uniform standing pointing at a huge shift roster, as if discussing filling or swapping shifts

Unsocial shifts and rotas: what’s your breaking point?

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Car park pay machine and pay-and-display signs in a hospital car park – hospital nurses face charges and fines for parking at work

Hospital car parking: who exactly is making a profit from all those charges and fines?

Using staff as cash cows if they drive to work shows how far goodwill has fallen in the NHS

Nurse sneezing

Feeling unwell? Damned if you don’t work, damned if you do

Guilt may send you to work when ill – but at the heart of the problem is staff shortages

Bullying in the NHS: more than just a few bad apples

System-wide change is needed so nurses can be confident reports will be dealt with

Flu jab

Flu jab uptake: why emotional blackmail and the promise of a lollipop didn’t sway me

Staff need to know they won’t feel pressure to keep working if they develop side effects

Imposter syndrome: why do nurses get stuck in its grip?

Self-doubt can grow under pressure, especially when there’s a lack of professional support

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Why it’s worth considering the physical, mental and – for some – tech challenges they face

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First aid won’t fix this: where are the serious staffing plans?

With staff on strike, the government’s latest effort is to lure back retirees

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The NHS is powered by the altruism of super-helpers who are often super unappreciated

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The profession deserves a better deal all round, all year, not a teabag ‘thank you’ treat

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Making nurses choose between more money now and a better retirement is callous

Show of appreciation: what’s the problem with a teabag ‘treat’?

Maybe managers should focus instead on ensuring the breaks in which to enjoy a cuppa