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Jane Bates: To sleep, perchance to dream

When work-related stress causes you to channel your inner Shakespeare, it’s time to get a grip, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: Beware the impatient patient

Despite the fast pace of today’s society, delivering safe and effective care does not happen in an instant, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: The medication information dilemma

Patients have a right to know about the common side effects of their medicines, but reciting a list of unlikely complications could result in them refusing to take them, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: toilets are no place for resuscitating patients

If you are going to pass out, please do it somewhere spacious, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: Tackle air pollution before the NHS goes under

The NHS does not have the capacity to cope with a large-scale environmental emergency, such as The Great Smog of 1952 which killed 12,000 people, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: I’m just a girl who can’t say no...or yes

Jane Bates struggles to stick to the point when taking part in a health questionnaire.

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Jane Bates: Telling patients the cost of their care is immoral

Jane Bates argues that ‘wisening up’ patients by telling them the cost of their healthcare to the NHS is a step too far.

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Jane Bates: The perils of alcohol

As she braces herself for Dry January, Jane Bates reflects on the ‘good old days’, when alcohol was nasty medicine to be avoided at all costs.

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Jane Bates: Not a soul to call on

It is not just older people who have no friends or family to call on in times of need, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: ‘Tis the season to be jolly

The Christmas pantomime is as traditional as carols by candlelight and Christmas pudding, and everybody should be able to enjoy it, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: Where does the nursing associate role leave qualified nurses?

The introduction of the nursing associate role highlights years of poor decision-making and qualified nurses need their questions answered, says Jane Bates.

Jane Bates
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Jane Bates: Embrace 'hygge' this winter

Follow Danish tradition and snuggle down by the fireside to keep warm this winter, says Jane Bates.

Alternative remedies
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Jane Bates: spice up your life

In a bid to tackle her creaking joints, Jane Bates turns to turmeric.

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Jane Bates: safe staffing is more than just a numbers game

Cuts to administrative support and increasing amounts of ‘paperwork’ are taking nurses away...

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Jane Bates: so much for modern medicine

There is an important distinction between cure and treatment, but some patients just don’t...

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Jane Bates: what goes on behind closed doors

Time is a rare commodity in the NHS, but patients still love to talk, says Jane Bates

Jane Bates
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Bring your A game

Jane Bates navigates the minefield of taking tricky phone calls from patients.

Jane Bates
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Jane Bates: What ‘eating cake’ means to a loved one

Enquiring relatives are no longer given a bland brush-off by staff – and rightly so.