Jane Bates

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Wearing a face mask to the shop is a small price to pay to save lives

Preventing further spread of COVID-19 is the least we can do to thank front-line workers

Poor social distancing
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When it comes to social distancing we all need to dance to the same tune

Lockdown rules only work if vulnerable, isolated people truly feel we’re all in it together

Wobble rooms
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Why the wobble room is a necessary sanity saver

It’s essential nurses have a space to think, cry and be fallible, especially amid a pandemic

two people hands hold on to walking stick
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COVID-19 will leave a legacy of harm that extends far beyond the high death toll

The coronavirus pandemic has many ways to wreak havoc with our health and well-being

Dad's Army Coronavirus home guard
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Why I’m reluctant to join the coronavirus home guard

The government plan to recruit retired nurses during the COVID-19 crisis has a serious flaw

Image of man contemplating, with question marks around him
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When patient choice becomes a decision-making dilemma

Not everyone is comfortable with a ‘choose your own’ approach to care, says Jane Bates

Three nurses stand together, smiling
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As nurses, we need fun – and respect – if we are to survive the stresses of the job

Colleagues of my vintage remember when there was more room for camaraderie, says Jane Bates

Picture shows upper part of Big Ben at dusk with a statue of a horse and chariot in the foreground. Struggling to adapt to the changing pace of life after retiring from nursing, Jane Bates lists some of the mental triggers that still keep her on edge.
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I may have retired from nursing, but nursing has not retired from me

Recently-retired Jane Bates reflects on the everyday triggers that keep her on her toes

illustration shows frightened man, woman and bawling child as nurse approaches with a syringe
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With childhood immunisation rates falling, it’s time to ramp up the scare tactics

Parents should be spared no detail about the reality of diseases like diphtheria and polio

illustration shows a road that forks, with sign pointing left showing obese people, sign on right showing people of healthy weight
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Put that snack away: childhood obesity and the case for banning food on public transport

The idea of outlawing train picnics sounds extreme, but there’s wisdom in it

road signs pointing to 'old life' and 'new life'
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Jane Bates: Life is about endings and beginnings and it’s time for me to bid you goodbye

I may be retiring from nursing (and this column) but a nurse will always be who I am

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Jane Bates: Preserving dignity in the face of illness

Grooming can help patients hold on to their dignity and avoid being overwhelmed by illness

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Random acts of kindness do nursing proud

Despite pressure of work the kindness of nurses has diminished not a jot, says Jane Bates

Shocked nurse
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What is it about nurses that makes us seem fair game for personal remarks?

The things some people say to us are just plain rude, says Jane Bates

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Even handmaidens need handovers

No one should be expected to start a new post without a handover, says Jane Bates

illustration of man holding his nose
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Sometimes there’s just no way round raising the delicate matter of personal hygiene

Jane Bates on when duty of care to a preoperative patient has to trump your blushes

Brexit illustration
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Brexit-weariness may be catching, and the prognosis isn’t good

Jane Bates has identified news-related conditions she’d like to add to the medical dictionary

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Tiresome taboo over period pains

It is time to stop being embarrassed about menstruation, says Jane Bates