Jane Bates

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Jane Bates: Why don’t people use the phone any more?

Finding time to send an email while coping with a ward full of demanding patients is a step too far for Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: Please don’t make me ask ‘How did I do?’

The awkward process of gaining feedback for revalidation is proving something of a headache for Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: false glitter of golden hellos

Golden hellos may look attractive on the surface but a good old-fashioned pay rise is a much better way to recruit and retain nurses, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: No wonder we all hate hospitals

Coming back to the place where a loved one passed away can be hard for patients, and it is not always easy for staff either, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: I wonder what my patient means

A conversation followiing a cataract operation leaves Jane Bates somewhat perplexed.

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Jane Bates: Speak out if you see patients being treated insensitively

Accuse me of interfering if you must, but I won’t stand by and watch patients be treated unkindly, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: There’s nothing like a bit of research to give those flagging spirits a boost

As new research shows women born in July are more at risk of incontinence, it's all doom, gloom and plastic pants for us summer babies, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: Nurses are rapidly becoming an endangered species

Brexit and the 1% pay cap are putting the future of nurses and the NHS at risk. The situation is critical and the time to act is now, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: Relentless time and crazy workloads

Time-induced panic is nothing new for nurses, but with many now facing increasingly unreasonable workloads it’s time for change, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: Blessings that banished boils

We may live in times of political uncertainty but thanks to improvements in hygiene, at least we don’t have to suffer the indignity of painful boils, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: The diet dilemma

From the Bright Line path to the Paleo regime, modern eating plans can be tricky to accommodate if you're the chef.

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Jane Bates: Let's celebrate the feel-good factor

Through the recent dark days of horror and violence, the kindness of ordinary folk shines through, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: Time to raise the profile of endometriosis

Delays in diagnosing endometriosis are causing misery and pain for many women and costing the NHS a fortune in unnecessary investigations.

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Jane Bates: A quiet shift? Please don't utter the ‘q’ word

Certain words are just unacceptable to nurses.

jane bates driver
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Jane Bates: Keep unfit drivers off the road

GPs can now raise concerns about drivers without telling them – and about time too, says Jane Bates.

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Jane Bates: All the world's a stage

When an interpreter for a deaf patient failed to show up, Jane Bates had to turn to acting to get her points across.

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Jane Bates: what about the NHS?

As a snap general election is announced, Jane Bates wants to know why the NHS is not being given the same political priority as Brexit.

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Jane Bates: nobody should have to tolerate violence in the workplace

When frontline NHS staff experience a personal attack in the line of duty, employers must deal with it rather than brush it under the carpet, says Jane Bates.