Student voice

MMR vaccine

Is it time to make MMR vaccination compulsory?

Nurses need to counteract the anti-vaccination movement’s propaganda


Parents are the real professionals when it comes to their children

Good communication is vital in assessing paediatric early warning systems

Being a parent helps me in children’s nursing

Chris Steele on how his personal experiences are used to enhance his caregiving


How to hit the target when you apply for a job

Selling yourself in job applications is not as daunting as you may think


All nurse training should cover communication with children who have learning...

Bespoke training could benefit students and children with learning disabilities

Could overseas communication improve cultural differences in healthcare?

Hearing about nursing practice from students who have travelled abroad has left Chris Steele wanting to know more


Student voice: Ambassadors can be agents of change

How one initiative is ensuring the views of students across different higher education institutions are heard

Race to the finishing line is on

Third year nursing student, Chris Steele discusses his hopes and fears for final year

Blurred silhouettes of faces

Nursing students and mental health issues: who takes care of us?

The pressures on nursing students can have tragic effects. A campaign is seeking to provide support

Christopher Steele

Missing: where have all the male nursing students gone?

Fewer men are applying to nursing courses and we need to do more to attract them into the profession, says new nursing student columnist Chris Steele


Starting out: Butterflies on the first day

Newly qualified nurses can feel a sense of pride that they have joined the profession.

Sinking ship

Student voice: am I about to start work on a sinking ship?

As the government continues to deny the crisis in the NHS, it is becoming easier to believe in sabotage.

Calm your nerves to get ahead when job hunting

Preparation is vital for approaching the job hunting process, says third year nursing...

Helping people through their darkest hours

Comforting distressed parents was a privilege that student Emma Cowen will never forget

Transition of another sort

Nurses aren’t nosy, they’re just blessed with plenty of professional curiosity

Nursing a dying patient: a student's perspective...

Hertfordshire University child health nursing student Andy O'Connell, a finalist in the NCYP...

A challenging transition

Making the move from HCA to nurse requires enormous effort and resilience, so it helps if...