Helen Bennett

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Goodbye Daisy

Book review: Goodbye Daisy

A storybook about dealing with grief for children with special educational needs

Building Continuing Bonds

Book review: Building continuing bonds for grieving and bereaved children

Director of care Helen Bennett reviews Building continuing bonds for grieving and bereaved children


Book review: A Really Practical Handbook of Children’s Palliative Care

A useful book for nurses who want to understand children’s palliative care.


Book review: The Skies I’m Under

A glimpse of the exceptional life of a family living with a disabled child.

Partnership working between hospice and children’s community nursing teams

This article describes the implementation and evaluation of a new partnership between a children’s hospice service and an NHS children’s community nursing team to support children’s palliative care in the community. Aims and outcomes of the service were established in its initial design and it was monitored for quality and improvement over its first year. Mixed methods of audit and evaluation strategies were used to assess the quality of the service. Findings demonstrate that it has offered significant support to children, and families valued the role of the new Alexander’s nurse. Professionals described improved communication and working relationships through the collaborative partnership. The evaluation also identified areas of learning for future development of the service.


Counselling Adolescents Through Loss, Grief and Trauma

Book review by Helen Bennett

Four Seasons of Grieving: A Nurse’s Healing Journey with Nature

This thouhgtful collection of reflections on the experience of grief and loss is accessible to everyone, but it is particularly directed at nurses caring for patients and their families