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Engage with families to promote physical activity for people with autism

Parents' own attitudes, beliefs and engagement in exercise are critical, study finds

Training school nurses in pain assessment benefits students with learning disabilities

Time and caseload reported as barriers to implementing change

Gaps and disparities in access to reasonable adjustments persist

Learning disability nurses can contribute to the broader equality agenda

Review finds unique relational skills are at the core of learning disability nursing

Australian researchers advocate person-centred care between nurses and service users

Inclusive mainstream approaches to weight management benefits some service users

Small-scale study focuses on community-based healthy eating groups

GPs unsure about some aspects of antipsychotropic medicines management

Study suggests general practitioners liaise with learning disability nurses when prescribing

Study finds shortfall in reasonable adjustments across CCGs and NHS trusts in England

Research suggests people with learning disabilities remain invisible in some NHS services

Recruitment and retention: staff survey reveals insights into crisis facing services

Study shows co-production and delivering person-centred care are good for staff too

Making sense of health-related quality of life in people with Down’s syndrome

Survey of almost 200 families identifies major social factors affecting daily life

More evidence needed on mental health treatments for people with severe learning...

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Specialist nursing input improves hospital care for children with learning disabilities

Latest research from the nursing and medical journals

Supporting people with learning disabilities to find work can promote better health

Latest research from the nursing and medical journals