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Isolation and loneliness

Scottish survey reveals the scale of social isolation and loneliness

More than 70% of young adults with learning disabilities reported feeling lonely ‘a lot of the time’, according to a campaigning organisation


Long-term conditions management

Systematic review finds that people with learning disabilities were less likely to access health screening and preventive healthcare such as immunisations


Secure settings: what makes for a good outcome when people move on from inpatient...

Study finds need to establish specialist forensic support teams to ensure best possible outcomes for offenders who have behaviours that challenge

Blood plasma test could lead to earlier diagnosis of autism

A pioneering test has revealed a link between autism and damage to proteins in blood plasma that could lead to earlier diagnosis of the condition, scientists say

Two people talking in a training session

Study raises questions about clinical outcomes associated with positive behaviour...

Of services where staff underwent training only 30% produced positive behaviour support plans that included all essential components

Close up of someone preparing to take a pill with a glass of water

Psychotropic medication often given in the absence of multidisciplinary assessments

Research raises concerns about a lack of guidelines and review of prescriptions

Nurse conducting health checks with patients

Insights into the scale of co-morbidities in people with learning disabilities

A study has discovered that the majority of people with learning disabilities are living with two or more long-term conditions

Learning new skills

Social isolation: UK charity survey reveals acute loneliness among young carers aged...

Carer’s UK survey of more than 7,000 carers reveals 81% of those surveyed feel lonely and socially isolated.

Autism and depression

Autism: Assessment tool developed to help diagnose mental health issues

University of Birmingham’s pioneering research tool aims to assist in the identification and assessment of anxiety and depression in people with autism.

Obese pregnancy

Link found between maternal obesity and cerebral palsy

Swedish study has discovered an increased incidence of cerebral palsy is associated with obesity in pregnancy.

Scientists explore link with epilepsy and brain cooling

Ineffective treatment methods for people who have epilepsy has led to new research exploring alternative methods.

Waiting times to diagnose autism have increased by one quarter in two years

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommends a maximum of three months...

More than half of adults with learning disabilities still live with their families

A round up of the latest research from nursing and medical journals.

New device to help babies with cerebral palsy to crawl

Latest research from the nursing and medical journals.

Mental health nursing students insufficiently prepared to care for those with learning...

A round up of the latest research from nursing and medical journals.

Institutions and people who have learning disabilities

Department of Health review finds integration by children who have learning disabilities and...

Fragile X and autism: treatments for hypersensitivity

Potential new research developments to improve sensory stimulation.