Advice and development

Student wellbeing

Watch: advice for students on supporting your health and well-being

Why common stress tips may not be helpful, and strategies to help you look after yourself


Free careers fair for nursing students and newly registered nurses: book now

Online event is your chance to meet employers, join seminars, and even get a job interview

Taking a patient history: a guide for nursing students

How to build your experience and confidence, plus tips on raising difficult questions

Safeguarding demystified: a beginner’s guide

It’s an issue fundamental to nursing care, but do you know what’s expected of you?

Reflective practice

Mental health: challenging your own cultural taboos and unconscious bias

Supporting students to challenge their own beliefs about mental ill health

Nursing studies

What is ChatGPT and can I use it to help with an assignment?

Students need to be AI-literate, but must use the technology with caution

Person-centred care: how to learn from the care experience of service users

Listening to patients’ perspectives through storytelling offers invaluable insights

Initiating change to improve practice: tips for nursing students

Advice from a fellow student who highlighted a gap in patient care

Could a dual registration degree in nursing and social work be good for your career?

Find out about the potential benefits and what to expect from an integrated programme

Nursing Live: what’s on offer for students and newly registered nurses

Access free sessions on placements, well-being, mentors, careers and more at RCNi’s event

What’s your personal brand? How to stand out from the crowd as a nursing student

Social media can enhance career prospects. Find out how to build your own digital brand

Clinical placements

Community project placement: what will I learn and how do I get one?

These non-clinical placements help develop students’ understanding of health inequalities

Learning disability clinical placement: what experience will I gain?

Students in every field need to know how to support people with learning disabilities

Writing in a patient’s notes: tips for nursing students

How to ensure your record-keeping is legible, and what to do if you make a mistake

Supernumerary status: myth or reality on placement during staffing pressures?

Students are sometimes seen as ‘an extra pair of hands’. Find out how to challenge this

Can I refuse my clinical placement – and how do I raise concerns if things go wrong?

The best placements are not always the ones you expect, and it pays to stay open-minded

First patient handover: what to expect and how to ensure it’s as effective as possible

Learning what works in handover can be daunting, but getting it right is key to safe care


A well-being app for your nursing course: ShinyMind for students

New version of the popular app will focus on the challenges of nursing studies

Newly qualified nurses


Stretching the boundaries of learning disability nursing

Despite popular opinion, learning disability nurses are needed in a range of care settings and should not limit their imagination when it comes to job searches, says Helen Laverty.