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Examining how early experiences in oncology settings influence nurses’ career decisions

Examining how early experiences in oncology settings influence nurses’ career decisions

Recognise the factors that can affect nurses’ recruitment and retention in cancer services

What is a nurse

Forum Focus: the reality of cancer nursing

As cancer care becomes more complex and demanding, we will need to redefine what nurses do

How can we reward cancer nurses for the service they give?

As 2019 begins, trusts should look at ways to keep cancer nurses on board

Sir Kenneth Calman

Forum focus: A time for reflection

Kenneth Calman, who spoke at the 2018 Scottish Oncology Summit, produced the first framework for commissioning cancer services

Word cloud

Cancer word play: why we need to stop using the language of war

Words associated with cancer don't have to be like walking into a battlefield

A nurse standing next to the bed of a patient

Mapping out nursing roles

How can we increase awareness of the importance of specialist nursing positions in the NHS?

Don't miss your chance to share best practice

Susanne Cruickshank discusses the proactive changes afoot within the RCN cancer and breast care forum

You, Me and the Big C

You, Me and the Big C podcast highlights the devastating effect of cancer recurrence

Inspiring BBC podcast deals with the realities of living with a cancer diagnosis

Seize opportunities to take back control of your working lives

Staffing pressures often mean missed breaks, but projects that bring small changes to ward management could give nurses a chance to rest and refuel, writes Susanne Cruickshank

Cancer fundraising campaigns: avoiding mixed messages

In a bid to raise funds, the Stand Up to Cancer campaign group produced a special series of popular show The Great British Bake Off. But RCN cancer and breast care forum chair Susanne Cruickshank thinks there has been a clash of messages given the publication of figures relating to obesity and cancer ahead of the series.

Someone monitoring a healthcare diagnostic app plugged into their smartphone

Harnessing the potential of technology to fight cancer

Apps and digital tools can help people to customise treatment but we must make sure we create functional systems to be used in a practical environment

Making and breaking those New Year resolutions

Susanne Cruickshank, on what the New Year could bring for the NHS.

Forum focus: influencing policy

Ensuring that the voice of nursing is heard can often be tricky, but is an important part of...

Forum Focus: finding your feet in a new career

As exam results are issued and careers begin, RCN cancer and breast care forum Susanne...

Demystifying cancer terms

The assumption that everyone knows everything there is to know about cancer needs to by...

Helping cancer recovery through physical activity

Susanne Cruickshank on the evidence that maintaining fitness levels during cancer treatment...

Forum focus: what’s in a name?

Whether it’s cancer nurse specialist or advanced nurse practitioner, nurse titles should be...