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School nurse: case study

This revalidation case study looks at Bryony, a school nurse, who works at a boarding school.

Profile: Bryony is a school nurse, at a boarding school. She doesn't work alongside any other Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registrants. The only person of a medical background who she has regular contact with at work is a GP who runs a clinic at the school every month.

Bryony wants to know:

Who should I ask to provide my confirmation?

Bryony will have to make up for the fact that she doesn’t work alongside any NMC registrant peers, which she can do by building networks with other NMC registered nurses and healthcare professionals. By doing so she can obtain confirmation. Bryony could also get confirmation from NMC registrant ex-colleagues.

Should I be asking the students for feedback?

Bryony should collect and reflect on the feedback received. This could be a mixture of patients, any agency managers that she has, and those of standing at the school where she is a nurse.

What continuing professional development (CPD) should I be looking for as a school nurse?

As she works alone, Bryony could use online distance learning which involves online interaction with other nurses; or request mentoring and skill-sharing with colleagues in a similar situation. She should ensure that she includes the required amount of participatory learning.

Case study Bryony

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