A leaflet on smoking cessation

Public health should not be an easy target for cuts

Funding has dropped by nearly a quarter in five years, but what will be the long-term effect?

In the spotlight

Time to shine the light on primary healthcare nursing

With the global spotlight on primary healthcare, Leah East wants nurses in primary care to...

Father figures

Mental health and well-being: why supporting new fathers is crucial

Historically, healthcare has focused mainly on maternal health – but the emphasis on family...

A nurse sitting in an armchair, presumably in someone's home

Nurse prescribing education and formulary must change

Research shows the conditions community nurses should be able to prescribe medicines for

MMR Vaccine

Responding to a measles outbreak

How collaboration helped contain a recent outbreak of the virus

Are you prepared for travel this summer?

Make measles top of the vaccination check list, RCN specialists advise nurses

Nursing resilience in a political vortex

What would happen if we took the politics out of an ever changing public health environment...

Brightening the future of children with asthma through a social initiative

Evidence suggests that a social approach can raise people’s levels of control in managing...

Figures climbing up an interconnected series of clouds

Why providing good examples of leadership is imperative for all of us

If nurses can think about how to be good role models, we can teach the next generation...

Cost of life

Life at any cost

Should the cost of emergency care be considered when a patient's life is at risk? And what...

The nurse associate role carves out a niche for itself

Could the nursing associate role bridge the gap between registered nurses and healthcare...

Putting feet first when caring for patients with diabetes

For patients with diabetes knowing how to take care of their feet and when to seek...

Who will fly the flag for general practice nurses?

The latest pay rise for NHS nurses will seem even more unfair for general practice nurses,...

Survival of the district nursing role in the hands of RCN congress

This year’s RCN congress will be one to watch for district and community nurses as safe...

Does district nurse training have a future?

Clarity on the long term funding plans for district nurse training programmes is a matter of...

What would you do to help a homeless person?

With an already overstrecthed NHS, and increasing amounts of homelessness in the UK, Bethann...

Vantage Point: How nursing is leading the way in Wales

A new Welsh parliamentary review sets out recommendations of a long term plan for the...

Howard Catton: Nurses must lead from the front by getting the flu jab

The World Health Organization estimates that up to 650,000 deaths a year are attributable to...


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