NHS pay deal: what does the new offer mean for you?

What you need to know before voting yes or no, and what happens next

Delirium: when to be worried about confusion, and what to do next

Updated guidance to help you assess patients and prevent or reduce distress

Thinking of moving to the UK to practise? Here’s what you need to know

Practical advice on job offers, spotting scams, language tests and money issues

A person undertaking a breast screening: uptake for cancer screening programmes among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) people is lower than the rest of the population

LGBT+ cancer screening: how to help improve uptake and inclusivity

Advice on removing the barriers preventing LGBT+ people from attending screening

Henoch-Schönlein purpura (HSP) is a disease that mainly affects children’s small blood vessels

Henoch-Schönlein purpura in children: how to spot symptoms and tailor care

The disease tends to be mild and self-limiting but can result in serious complications

Are night shifts playing havoc with your gut health? Tips to help improve it

Stomach and bowel complaints aren’t inevitable just because on you’re on nights

Moving and handling patients safely: how to avoid pain and injury

Helping patients move is part of nursing, but injury rates are high. Tips for reducing risk

How to spot the warning signs for respiratory illness in children

With a resurgence in traditional respiratory infections, curiosity about symptoms is key

Sharps injuries can be seen as part of the job in nursing, despite their risk to safety and the mental well-being of staff

Sharps injuries: if they’re preventable, why do they keep happening?

Tips on what to do to reduce risk, and steps to take if an accident happens

Pain management: where to start and when to use assessment tools

How to improve your skills and confidence in managing patients’ pain

Bias in NMC referrals: which nurses are most at risk of baseless claims?

Steps to end the clear bias in complaints against black and Asian nurses

Deterioration: spotting the signs and escalating care on a pressured shift

Tools and advice to help teams ensure patients are monitored effectively

RESTORE2: how to spot the ‘soft signs’ of deterioration

Tools to help in recognising signs of deterioration and improve outcomes for older people

Fobbed off and undermined: the racist attitudes obstructing careers

How to combat the recruitment bias that holds back many black and Asian nurses

Child vaccination schedule: changes, new risks and tackling hesitancy

A guide to answering parents’ questions and allaying vaccination fears

Diogenes syndrome: how to recognise and act on signs of self-neglect in older people

Self-neglect can be associated with hoarding and other mental health problems

Calling in sick: do fear and guilt stop you from taking time off when you’re ill?

Advice if you are worried about sickness policies, or leaving colleagues in the lurch

Scarlet fever and Group A strep: what you need to know

Alarm over Group A strep has prompted an alert and appeals to nurses to be extra vigilant