Illustration showing a nurse holding a laptop computer while doing the splits, with feet resting on two stools – suggesting one foot in work mode, one in home mode in a flexible working system

How to make flexible working work for you and your team

It is supported in policy, but can be tricky to arrange – tips for making it a reality

A figure wearing a protective suit and mask covered with dust standing next to a sign warning of the danger of asbestos dust

Asbestos risk for nurses: why this is not a ‘danger of the past’

Most NHS estate buildings contain asbestos, but little is done to warn staff of their risk

Image showing a close-up of a person's hand holding £20 notes, suggesting nurses' pay rise

What will the nurse pay offer for 2024-25 look like?

We look at when the process will get started – and whether further strike action is likely

A young girl looks apprehensive as she watches a nurse preparing an injection

How nurses can help minimise healthcare trauma for children

New iSupport standards of good practice aim to give children a say in their care

Two nurses stand looking at a patient lying in a hospital bed, discussing discharge plans

Delayed discharge: steps you can take to support patients and help get them home

How ‘discharge to assess’ systems and early planning can cut delays

What is the National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) and why is it important?

NEWS2 has created a common language so nurses can act quickly to help deteriorating patients

Illustration showing a hospital site with several buildings surrounded by glass, and a large magnifying glass sitting alongside it, suggesting an inspection of the hospital’s services

CQC inspections demystified: how they work and nurses’ and managers’ roles

What a Care Quality Commission visit will cover, and the support available for staff

A manager chats with a nurse in a hospital ward, while behind them a patient in a hospital bed is attended by other nurses

Valuing nurses: do you feel recognised at work?

Steps nursing managers and leaders can take to ensure their staff feel seen and heard

A nurse standing at a computer in a darkened room during a night shift, her face highlighted by the glow of the screen

Shift work and nurse well-being: how to combat the health risks

Tips on sleep routines and the breaks you need to cope on nights and long shifts

Illustration of nursing staff standing in a line, there are visible gaps and a hand inserts a figure to fill one of them

Accept no substitutes: why swapping out nurses from the roster must not become the norm

Find out how you and your colleagues can take a stand to protect the team’s skill mix

UTIs in older people: how to recognise signs and manage symptoms

Tips to help you prevent or minimise adverse effects and potentially serious outcomes

An illustration of two heads overlapping and facing away from each other. One has a black cloud with shapes over the brain, the other has a blue sky and sunshine

How can you spot the signs of bipolar and make an early diagnosis

The early warning signs of bipolar and how biomarkers can be used to speed up diagnosis

Red flags for patient safety: are unsafe practices in danger of being normalised?

The staffing crisis is eroding care standards from primary care to critical care

What has changed in vaccine uptake for people with learning disabilities since COVID-19?

Nurses can help make the vaccine experience a more positive one

Effective communication: how to talk to patients about pain

The right questions and a non-judgemental approach can help you manage pain better

Spiritual care: what you need to know, whatever your practice setting

Understanding and addressing patients’ spiritual needs is essential to person-centred care

Working from home: how to make it a reality

With flexible arrangements firmly on the NHS agenda, could home working work for you?

Greener infection prevention and control: how to take the whole team with you

Award winner’s tips for a successful campaign to reduce PPE use and gain staff support