Career advice

nurses balanced on a weighing scale

If you’re stressed at work, comparing yourself to others will only feed the anxiety

Practical tips for nurses on how to stop negative thoughts in their tracks

Creating a fast track into practice nursing

A training course aims to provide everything needed for a career as a practice nurse

Angela Cheesmond

The importance of getting student nurses into practice placements

After receiving recognition for her role as a mentor, Angela Cheesmond explains why there...

The diversity of community nursing

Prolific community nurse Jayne Sankey has more than 30 years of primary care under her belt...

'The autonomy of my role in primary care keeps me on my toes'

Practice nurse Paula Cannon, who works at the Nelson Medical Practice in Wimbledon,...

Hypodermic needle being inserted into patients arm at a clinic

'People think practice nursing is solitary but I'm part of a team of...

Fay Codona explains how a placement in her final year led her to join Carlisle Healthcare in...

My job

Care home support nurse

Primary care nurses must adapt ways of working due to an increase in frail older patients

‘Make the most of every learning opportunity’

Medicines management specialist nurse Elizabeth Smyth’s advice to newly registered nurses

'Getting services right for people with frailty is a must'

Frailty and dementia matron Beverley Marriott wants an integrated health and social care...

‘Placements with older people made me realise what I wanted to do’

Ann Collins, who helps older people with mental health needs, discusses her biggest challenge

Kim Badcock

‘Taking nursing to another level’

After an outstanding career in the NHS, Kim Badcock is as excited by nursing as ever


'One of the most important things is the power of deep listening'

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership lead nurse for primary and community...