Asking for help

Woman undertaking maths calculation on a chalkboard

What to do if you’re struggling with maths

Numerical calculations are part of everyday nursing. Here's how to improve your skills

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Tips for new nursing students

Nursing Standard’s social media followers gave us their advice. What would your top tip be?

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How I learned it’s okay to ask for support after a traumatic event

Counselling helped one student realise she shouldn't ‘just carry on’ despite her anxiety

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I completed my nursing degree and set my sights on London

Reece Doonan shares his experiences of making a big move for his first job after qualifying


Top tips for newly qualified nurses

Make sure you are prepared to make the leap from student to newly qualified nurse

Tips for a successful transition from student to newly qualified nurse

Making the transition from student to registered nurse can be a stressful time. Open...

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My first year as a registered nurse: learning how to deal with mistakes

In the latest of her series of regular updates, RCNi nursing student of the year Zoe Butler...


My first year as a registered nurse: a crisis of confidence, a shift in perspective

In the first of a series of regular updates, RCNi nursing student of the year Zoe Butler...


When your mentor is the problem

What do you do when your working relationship with your mentor becomes strained or breaks...


From student to newly qualified nurse: a checklist for new starters

First days can be daunting but being prepared can help calm your nerves. Follow these tips...


Coping with the death of a patient for the first time

The emotional toll of caring for a patient at the end of life taught nursing student Garritt...


When does compassion become caring too much?

Learning how to keep a professional distance will prevent you becoming too emotionally...