Advice and development

document passes from one hand to the next

The importance of delivering a good handover

Laura Slim finds handovers nerve-wracking but is learning to be more confident

PTSD illustration

How I learned it’s okay to ask for support after a traumatic event

Counselling helped one student realise she shouldn't ‘just carry on’ despite her anxiety

nursing student on placement

Tips for nursing students on making the most of your final clinical placement

With registration within sight, it’s time to maximise every learning opportunity

night shift on a ward

Night shift survival guide: a nursing student shares her 9 top tips

Tried-and-tested tricks will help you not just cope, but make the most of working nights

Abby Martin

Please don’t call me ‘the student’

Nursing students have names – and an expectation to be part of the healthcare team too

Cartoon illustration of two figures, one giving the other a big thumbs down

The next generation needs encouragement, not derision

Critical comments such as ‘you're too posh to wash’ only dampen students’ enthusiasm

Points to ponder when choosing your first job

Newly qualified nurses have more options regarding a career path and where they want to live

Nurses need to master the art of delegating

Nurses must develop the ability to know when and how to delegate

An ABC of becoming a nurse

Some rules to guide you through training and the early days as a registered nurse

nurse sits with patient and listens

What I learned about nursing care after developing sepsis myself

Nurses who looked after me while I was a nursing student were role models for patient-...

Zoe Butler and her Hot Potato campaign website

Celebrating the profession's work is important

Zoe Butler on what winning the student category in last year’s RCNi awards has meant to her

Pay deal

A student's guide to the proposed NHS pay deal

The student representative for RCN's trade union committee considers the implications of the...

Snubbing bank staff goes against the 6Cs

Student Georgina Clayton was dismayed at her treatment by other staff while working a bank...

Make the most of every placement – even if it’s not your top choice

Placements may not always be in your preferred specialty or department, but every one will...

Fitting a part-time job around your nursing studies

It can be tricky balancing paid employment against university work, clinical placements and...

Coping with the anxieties of a new placement

Third-year nursing student Andrew Haydon still gets nervous when starting a new clinical...

Nursing course helps students shine with ‘being brilliant’ approach

Students on an adult nursing course are encouraged to fulfil their potential by adopting a ‘...

Making video diaries let me dispel some myths about nursing

When nursing student Dann Gooding was approached by the BBC to record video selfies while on...