Newly qualified nurses

Newly qualified nurse Jesse Boxall-Steeden wearing PPE in a critical care unit

Newly qualified and working in ICU: what I’ve learned amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Supportive colleagues have made all the difference in my first critical care role

young nurse, who is a man, in consultation with a patient

These 3 lessons helped me survive and grow as a newly qualified nurse

One nurse draws on personal experience to offer new registrants advice in their first job

Picture shows a scene from the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. A nurse is producing podcasts that aim to dispel myths about mental illness, remove stigma and give patients a voice.

Nurse’s podcasts tell true story of life on mental health wards

Podcasts aim to dispel myths about mental illness, remove stigma and give patients a voice

Image shows nurse practice educator Annamma Wilson with newly qualified nurse Lucy Heald

Clinical practice educators are vital in helping nurses achieve career goals

Two newly qualified nurses reflect on the support they receive to enhance their nursing skills

illustration shows acorn on the ground, with oak tree behind it, in shadow

Can’t we all be a bit more patient with each other at work, newly qualified or not?

Staff shortages in nursing makes fostering a kinder workplace culture essential

woman talking in an interview situation – thorough preparation helps nurses impress prospective employers at interview

A nurse’s guide to winning at job interviews

Tips and techniques for conquering your nerves and impressing the panel

 Nursing is fast-paced in the emergency department

Mental health and adult nursing, plus the pace of emergency care – this role has it all

A dual-registration newly qualified nurse reflects on what she has learned in her first year

Distressed nurse working in the emergency department

The call you never want to get in emergency nursing

A newly qualified nurse describes the emotions and impact of a paediatric crash call

surgical team in theatre

I’m so glad I chose to go into perioperative practice – and here’s why

Oliver Stone found he thrives in the demanding but tight-knit environment of theatre nursing

community nurse with a patient

It’s just not true that your first job must be in an acute hospital – and here’s why

QNI's Crystal Oldman on why the community is the perfect place to start your nursing career

A staff nurse tends to a patient on a respirator in a hospital bed.

Acute care is a great place to learn your craft

Starting your career on the front line of nursing can be rewarding, as well as challenging

A young man's face superimposed over the London skyline

I completed my nursing degree and set my sights on London

Reece Doonan shares his experiences of making a big move for his first job after qualifying

Sharing your journey as a newly qualified nurse

A newly qualified nurse finds that sharing her experiences with others is rewarding

Top tips for newly qualified nurses

Make sure you are prepared to make the leap from student to newly qualified nurse

My degree has prepared me to cope with the pressures of nursing

It's been a rollercoaster start but Zoe Butler knows she has the foundation to succeed

The day I told Prince Charles how tough life can be for new nurses

RCNi student of the year tells Prince Charles of nursing’s challenges and rewards

My first year as a registered nurse: six months qualified and counting

In the latest of her series of regular updates, RCNi nursing student of the year Zoe Butler...

Tips for a successful transition from student to newly qualified nurse

Making the transition from student to registered nurse can be a stressful time. Open...