Practice question

How can I support rehabilitation of care home residents after COVID-19?

Nurses have a key role in the rehabilitation of people in long-term care

How can further deconditioning be prevented in older people after COVID-19?

Nurses can help counter the physical and cognitive decline of older people

Picture shows a carer helping an older woman who is walking with the help of a zimmer frame

How do I use the Clinical Frailty Scale?

Frailty identification instruments improve outcomes and help plan for future needs

How do I manage delirium in older people with COVID-19?

Delirium is a common coronavirus symptom, and people in long-term care facilities are at risk

My research study improves patient care – how can I share it?

Tips and rules for successfully sharing your research at a conference or professional meeting

Picture shows a group of older people hiking in the countryside

How do I encourage older people to become physically active?

Types of physical activity that can benefit older adults and some suggested resources


How can I ensure dementia care is based on the best available evidence?

Critically appraised topic (CAT) process helps ensure clinical practice is evidence-based

Nurse attending to an older patient who is experiencing and needs hydration

How do I manage the care of an older person with delirium?

Guidelines recommend prompt detection by screening older people on admission to hospital

Many older people use multiple medicines, medicines optimisation helps to ensure safe and appropriate polypharmacy

Why is medicines optimisation important for older people living with frailty?

Medicines optimisation can help ensure appropriate polypharmacy

How should I discuss not attempting CPR with people who have dementia?

Discuss the wishes of people with dementia proactively due to its progression

Picture shows a care home supervisor talking to a resident. Healthcare professionals can help meet the needs of older people approaching the end of life by asking the right questions.

Surprise questions that can improve end of life care

Older people approaching the end of life can be helped by asking the right questions

Push-on mower

Care home residents can benefit from carrying out everyday activities

Safety concerns prevent care home residents doing everyday tasks that benefit them

What is ageism, how can I recognise it and how can I deal with it in my workplace?

Discrimination against older people can mean inferior standards in services that affect them

How do I recognise and treat pain appropriately in a person with dementia?

A tool to help staff manage pain in dementia care uses four simple steps

Older people’s feedback on care

What are the best ways of capturing and drawing on older people’s experiences of care to...

Why is future care planning so important for people living with frailty?

Why early conversations about end of life care are essential for people living with frailty

How can advance care planning improve end of life care for nursing home residents?

How PEACE planning can guide nursing home staff and community nursing teams

How can critical thinking make me a better nurse?

Critical thinking can help nurses provide excellent care and improve patient well-being