A line of figures depicting nurses. The image of one who has grey hair is being removed by an eraser at the end of a large pencil

‘I felt discarded’: how age discrimination can limit nursing careers

Ageism can stunt nurses’ careers and lead staff to leave or even retire

Illustration shows a circle, the outer edges of which are in bold red, with a red stripe going diagonally across a knife, fork and glass filled with liquid, suggesting a nil by mouth instruction

Nil by mouth: is your team following outdated ‘rules’?

Best practice NBM steps that all nursing and healthcare staff should be aware of

An older person sitting on a comfortable chair who is hooked up to a several tubes on his chest, with a light blanket on his lap

Frailty in people living with cancer: what you need to know

Frailty affects half of all older people living with cancer and nurses’ awareness is vital

Nursing student is mentored by a nurse as he places ECG leads on the chest of a prone patient

Juggling workload and student supervision: how to find time for both

Three nurses’ tips for supporting students on placement in a busy workplace

Transformational leader

Are you micromanaged, or empowered in a team with a shared vision?

Why transformational leaders, who value teamwork and challenge, need to become the norm

Image of two figures representing nurses, with one producing numerous speech bubbles and the other shrugging in confusion, suggesting misunderstanding or mispronunciation

Getting patient and colleague names right – and why it matters

Mispronouncing names can make people feel excluded. Find out how to correct it

Rosettes in different colours, suggesting differing political opinions and allegiances

Sharing your views: is it okay to say what you really think as a nurse?

Nurses are encouraged to get involved in issues, but freedom of expression has its limits

Outline of a human head with sticky notes in different colours attached to it, suggesting the labels some nursing staff apply to others

Don’t call me that! Why lazy labelling has no place in nursing

How a culture of calling colleagues by their role or pay band is demotivating and divisive

A pound coin showing a map of all four nations of the UK highlighted in different colours, alongside the Republic of Ireland

How 2024-25 pay offers will vary, depending on where you live

The factors involved in differences across the UK – and what they mean for your pay packet

Image of a figure representing a nurse holding out her hands in alarm as she slides down a red arrow above a series of boxes labelled from bands 7 to 4

Why flexible working could mean dropping a pay band

Despite legal changes, nurses say employers are not doing enough to allow requests

An older woman sitting up in bed holds out her hand to receive a pill from a nurse

How to avoid medication errors in care homes

Practical advice for nurses on prescribing and administering drugs to older people

Picture shows a placard being held up in support of fair pay for nursing during the RCN strike in 2022

Pay reviews: what’s holding nursing back and what’s next after 20 years of AfC?

Unions are divided over the best way to overhaul Agenda for Change and boost retention

Advanced nursing practice: is it under attack and, if so, why?

The role is often misunderstood – as highlighted in the debate over physician associates

Teamwork: how it can boost your confidence, reduce errors, and make you a better nurse

Positive culture and leadership helps you and your colleagues strive for a shared purpose

Common payroll issues: how to keep track and resolve errors

Pay can fluctuate and it is important to report discrepancies – including overpayments

What every nurse in the NHS needs to know about the pension scheme overhaul

How you might be affected – plus a warning to anyone thinking of opting out

The (quiet) steps you can take to help inpatients get a good night’s sleep

Find out about measures that minimise disturbance at night – but don’t mean extra workload

Why are students turning away from nursing courses?

Promises of a rewarding career fail to halt a decline in applicants for nursing courses