Career advice

A woman sits at a desk with a laptop in front of her, looking thoughtful as she reads what is on the screen, as if preparing a supporting statement for a job application

Job applications: how to write a strong supporting statement

Advice on showcasing your skills to secure an interview

Image of a nurse holding a large arrow and pointing to a target as she runs up a flight of steps, as if planning her future career moves

Should you have a five-year career plan?

How networking, mentors and social media can help you set and reach your goals

Illustration showing several nurses in uniform, seen from behind, walking along a winding pathway towards the words ‘nmc SIFE pathway’, with two large hands supporting them

Help for overseas nurses struggling to get on the register

How a new pathway has helped hundreds who narrowly failed their English language tests

Two nurses sitting at a table and chatting, with an open notebook in front of them, as in a nurse-mentor relationship

How to find a mentor who can meet your needs

Seek a mentor who can enhance your confidence and competence, but also challenge you

A row of people in smart attire seated in a waiting area looking slightly anxious and preoccupied, as if waiting to be called into a job interview

Going for a job interview? How to overcome nerves and arrive prepared

Tips on bringing your best to interview and tackling stress and anxiety head-on

heree-Leigh Woodall, head of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at independent healthcare provider Practice Plus Group, pictured standing outside HMP Oakwood

Challenging discrimination: creating safe spaces for nurses and patients

My tips on using effective, inclusive leadership to improve care and staff retention

Illustration of woman's head and shoulders in profile. She holds her head high. The autism symbol – multicoloured infinity – is superimposed.

I’m newly qualified and autistic – here’s how I navigate the challenges of my role

With a little support, autistic nurses like me will thrive at work and enrich nursing care

A female lecturer stands at the front of a lecture theatre teaching nursing students

From NHS nurse to lecturer: making the transition to education

What I’ve learned moving from an NHS role to academia, and the skills you need

Three young woman huddle together, all looking at their phones. Social media can effective in advertising nurse vacancies

Social media recruitment: how you can turbo-charge interest in vacancies where you work

TikTok and other platforms are proving to be powerful tools for filling nurse roles

Top half of clock-face, with the word deadline emblazoned on it, the time showing six minutes to midnight. Revalidation deadlines can induce panic in NMC registrants

Help! My revalidation is looming and I’m worried I’ve left it too late to get started

Don’t panic – let our portfolio tool take the strain out of organising your documents

A typical day’s work as a forensic nurse examiner

What’s involved in this demanding role, and the skills and compassion required

How do I become a nurse specialist and what skills do I need?

Specialising in an area of nursing can enhance patient care and your career opportunities

Meeting patients’ mental health needs in critical care: a guide to close the skills gap

Newly registered nurses have produced a guide that ICU – and all acute teams – can use

Ambulance nurses: what does this emergency first responder role involve?

What it takes to work alongside paramedics taking potentially life-saving decisions

What you need to be a chief nurse – and my top tips for getting there

Focus on developing your skills in roles you love, and keep on learning

How to stay focused on your career goals and reach the next step

A guide to setting SMART goals, staying on track and finding a coach or mentor

So you’re thinking of doing a PhD? Here’s what you need to know

A doctorate can boost your nursing career – find out how to step up to the challenge

Going for a band 7 role? What to expect to be asked at your interview

Moving up to these senior roles can be a big step – prepare well with our interview tips