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Maternity leave: case study

This revalidation case study looks at Grace, a nurse working in an NHS Trust, who is due to go on maternity leave.

Profile: Grace is a nurse working in an NHS Trust. She is due to go on maternity leave but has completed more than 1,000 hours of practice so far in this revalidation period. Grace intends to return to work but fears she may not be able to without attending a ‘return to practice’ or similar course.

Grace wants to know:

Can I get confirmation while I’m away? Will I be expected to attend appraisals during my maternity leave?

Grace should be able to be confirmed while on maternity leave. She is still employed by the NHS and the confirmer could be the person who did her last appraisal. If she already knows about the requirement of confirmation before she goes on maternity leave, she could get confirmation early.

How can I get feedback while I am on maternity leave?

Grace should have been receiving and reflecting on feedback throughout the course of her three-year renewal period. She will need to have ready five reflective accounts of how that feedback has improved or re-affirmed her practice, but these are something she can document at home if necessary.

Will I need to complete continuing professional development (CPD) activities while on maternity leave?

Grace should have been completing relevant learning throughout her three-year renewal period. However, she could do some learning activities while on maternity leave. She should plan this well so that she meets the requirements for participatory learning.

Case study Grace

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