Click: Mind, body and soul apps

Four apps for sleep cycles, diet and exercise, mindfulness, and yoga.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Sleep Cycle

Northcube AB | Free with in-app purchases on App Store | 99p on Google Play

The Sleep Cycle alarm clock uses sensors in your phone or tablet that can measure movement and noise throughout the night, and so determine when you are awake or in a deep sleep. The alarm can be set to wake you gently when you are in light sleep, which is like waking up naturally without an alarm clock. The app is easy to use and can be customised to individual needs. More information here.


Calorie counter and food diary

Calorie counter | Free (lite) or £3.99 (pro) on App Store | Free with in-app purchases on Google Play

MyNetDiary is a food and exercise diary. By drawing on behavioural weight loss strategies, it can plan and track your intake of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and nutrients. It can also keep a record of your exercise schedule and monitor your body measurements. Its ability to link to activity trackers, such as Fitbit and Garmin, means all your activities can be incorporated into a single app. More information here.




Mindfulness Everywhere | £4.99 on App Store | £1.99 on Google Play

A mindfulness app that can be used anywhere, Buddhify includes a database of meditation exercises for people in a variety of situations, including work, travelling, walking and under stress. It is not the cheapest mindfulness app available, but it provides an easy and accessible way for the user to become more mindful. More information here.


Plus Sports/Nelurra Holdings | £3.99 on App Store | Free with in-app purchases on Google Play

As well as increasing flexibility, strength and balance, yoga can promote well-being and positive mental health. This app, which is suitable for people of all abilities, includes videos demonstrating yoga poses and goal-focused programmes that can be customised. Images of poses help demonstrate the muscles being worked. More information here.

Compiled by Kirsten Huby and Joanna Smith, lecturers in children’s nursing, University of Leeds on behalf of the RCN’s Research in Child Health community

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