Book review: Why Starting Solids Matters

Why Starting Solids MattersWhy Starting Solids Matters
Amy Brown
Pinter and Martin
£7.99 | 160pp
ISBN: 9781780665009

As a dietitian and first-time mother getting to grips with weaning, I was excited at the prospect of this book.

It is one of several evidence-based guides to pregnancy, birth and parenting aimed for new parents and health professionals.

It is a small paperback and so is perfect for dipping in and out of, as many parents and healthcare professionals like to do.

Unfortunately, the text-heavy chapters, with their lack of figures and diagrams, make this difficult – and is one of the aspects of the book I struggled with.

Nevertheless, this is a well-referenced book on starting solids, with much theory and scientific research summarised in an engaging manner.

It includes chapters detailing advice on introducing solids, baby-lead weaning and responsive feeding.

It is more suited to health professionals than parents, and will be of most interest to nurses working in the community with families.

Because of the format and the topic it would probably be best as part of a department library.

The last chapter provides ten numbered statements that even the most sleep-deprived parent could read, understand and remember.

Brigid McKevith, director of scientific and regulatory affairs, Brand Development, Nature’s Bounty Co. Ltd

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