Book review: Essential Neonatal Medicine

Essential Neonatal MedicineEssential Neonatal Medicine
Sunil Sinha, Lawrence Miall and Luke Jardine
Wiley Blackwell
£42.99 | 352pp
ISBN: 9781119235811

Now in its sixth edition, this is an excellent resource for neonatal nurses, medical students, allied health professionals and others working in the field of neonatology.

Illustrated with colour pictures, tables, clinical procedures and diagrams, it presents neonatology in a clear and informative style.

This edition emphasises developmental and family-centred care, and its chapters on imaging, diagnosis and genetic testing have been enhanced.

There is also additional information on neonatal transport, and palliative and end of life care.

The chapters on birth injury and genetic disorders were particularly informative as they present what can be complex information is a user-friendly style.

The reader will not be disappointed in the rest of the book, which includes content on jaundice, the extreme preterm infant, respiratory physiology and respiratory support as well as cardiac and renal disorders.

Towards the end of the text ethical issues and decision making in the process of critically ill new-born infants is explored in a direct but compassionate way.

Valerie McGurk, practice development nurse, paediatrics, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

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