Book review: Clinical Pocket Reference: Nursing Care of Children and Young People

Nurse adviser Doreen Crawford reviews Nursing Care of Children and Young People

Clinical Pocket RefereneClinical Pocket Reference: Nursing Care of Children and Young People
Children’s Nursing Team, Kingston University and St George’s, University of London
£14.99 | 108pp
ISBN: 9781908725097

This pocket-sized encyclopaedia of child health is well written and logically presented by credible experts, and is applicable to any care setting. 

It summarises the salient points of nursing children and young people, and is up to date and relevant.

The seminal theories of child development are covered and, pleasingly, mental health and complex needs of terminally ill children are included too.

The authors have the courage to address some of the grey areas in children’s nursing, such as consent and the covert administration of medicines.

My only small reservation about the book is that it includes reproductions of resuscitation algorithms – it should be noted that registrants have a professional duty to perform these skills in concordance with the most recent evidence and recommendations. But other than this small point there is little to disappoint in the book and much to be enthusiastic about.

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Reviewed by Doreen Crawford, consultant editor Nursing Children and Young People and nurse adviser, consultancy Crawford McKenzie, Lincolnshire

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