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Isolated student

COVID-19: why we must protect the mental health of international nursing students

The anxiety and isolation caused by the crisis may be particularly acute for this group

Illustration of self-care

Don’t neglect your mental health – it’s time to be kind to yourself

Nurse training can take its toll, so learn techniques to improve your mood and performance

Abby Martin

Please don’t call me ‘the student’

Nursing students have names – and an expectation to be part of the healthcare team too


The Hot Potato project: tackling mental health issues in young people

Zoe Butler’s innovative project to address the 'hot potato' of mental health issues in young people saw her crowned winner of Andrew Parker Student Nurse Award at the 2017 RCNi Awards.


Using CBT to improve self-awareness and resilience

After a placement with a team of cognitive behavioural therapists, nursing student Lauren Ferrier relays the techniques she learned to improve self-awareness and resilience


CBT strategies can help you handle stress

On placement with a team of cognitive behavioural therapists, nursing student Lauren Ferrier learned some useful CBT techniques students can use to improve their sense of well-being and resilience.

Nursing studies

Becoming a dad during a pandemic – and the final year of a nursing degree

Born during lockdown, my baby boy is helping me learn how to balance studying and family life

Team Nightingale: why I’ll never forget what I learned nursing in a COVID field hospital

Nursing student Nathan Harrison has seen what supportive multidisciplinary teams can achieve

Can a mental health service user also be a good nursing student?

For a nursing career, an understanding of service users’ experiences is actually a positive

Rebecca Hackfath

COVID-19: what it’s like working and studying in the middle of a pandemic

One nursing student’s experience working at an isolation unit for mental health patients

Mental health

What it takes to be a mental health nurse

A complex mix of skills is needed to put people in control of their situation


Mental health charity creates fast track into nursing

Mental health charity creates fast track into nursing

Clinical placements

Isolation and COVID-19: what I learned from my placement at a mental health hub

A nursing student saw first-hand the need for early interventions in mental healthcare

Confidentiality illustration

Patient confidentiality: how a complicated case created an ethical and legal dilemma

A service user’s chlamydia diagnosis taught me lessons about disclosure and breach of trust

On the front line with a paramedic

A day spent shadowing a paramedic showed the complex range of skills this role requires, and the emotional side of the work

What to do when words fail

Communication problems are not uncommon when people with complex needs are admitted to hospital, and one nursing student is creating a toolkit that will include tips from specialists and signposting to additional support

Going outside your comfort zone can help connect with patients

By learning more about football, mental health nursing student Felicity Allman was able to build up a therapeutic relationship with a patient with paranoid schizophrenia.


Mental health nurses need training to treat physical ailments

Physical and mental health are linked, and giving mental health nurses more training would enable them to manage the physical health of patients better, says third-year nursing student Amy Baker.

Newly qualified nurses

Picture shows a scene from the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. A nurse is producing podcasts that aim to dispel myths about mental illness, remove stigma and give patients a voice.

Nurse’s podcasts tell true story of life on mental health wards

Podcasts aim to dispel myths about mental illness, remove stigma and give patients a voice

 Nursing is fast-paced in the emergency department

Mental health and adult nursing, plus the pace of emergency care – this role has it all

A dual-registration newly qualified nurse reflects on what she has learned in her first year


Mental health nursing: ‘The accumulation of marginal gains’

Results in mental health care can be slow but the rewards are vast, especially for nurses with the right qualities, says Ian Hulatt.