Our editorial advisory board

Mental Health Practice provides information that will enable readers, including students, to develop creative and evidence-based approaches to practice

To ensure that content continues to be of practical value to subscribers, the editor and consultant editor are advised by members of an editorial advisory board, who have a range of experience and who work in a variety of settings.

As well as contributing to the editorial development of Mental Health Practice, they also act as ambassadors for RCNi and promote their position on the editorial advisory board among colleagues and on public occasions.

The current board members are:

Russell Ashmore Senior lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University Joanne McDonnell Deputy director of nursing and governance, North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Karen Clements Assistant professor, Department of Psychiatric Nursing, Brandon University, Manitoba Michael Nash Assistant professor in psychiatric nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin
Catherine Gamble

Professional lead for mental health nursing, Royal College of Nursing

Acosia Nyanin Community mental health nurse, Islington Adult Mental Health Services, London
Kate Hendy

Mental health liaison nurse, Southmead Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust

Ben Parkinson Lecturer of nursing, Glasgow Caledonian University
Rachel Luby

RCNi Mental Health Nursing award winner and senior nurse at the health-based place of safety and quality improvement project lead, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Ben Thomas

Professor of mental health nursing, London South Bank University; patient safety expert adviser – mental health, NHS Improvement

Marsha McAdam Service user representative Karen Wright Professor of nursing and head of the school of nursing, University of Central Lancashire

To find out more about joining the board, please contact the editor at mhp@rcni.com