Book review: Parents and Digital Technology

An essential book for parents who want to keep up with new technology and its effects on children.

Parents and Digital Technology: How to Raise the Connected Generation

Parents and Digital Technology

Suzie Hayman and John Coleman | Routledge | £12.99 | 234pp | ISBN: 9781138933163


Children are growing up in a world that is connected by social media and online interactions, and this book is an essential read for their parents.

It provides parents with information about how to keep up with the technological context in which their children are developing, and addresses the concerns and issues they face as they navigate through this type of communication.

By bringing together their extensive knowledge about parenting and young people, the authors describe the challenges and opportunities that being constantly connected presents.

Parents are encouraged to become familiar with technological communication and understand how important it is in young people’s lives. It also explains the access children can have to material that is pornographic and violent.

Through practical examples focusing on issues such as sexting, online safety and cyberbullying, parents can learn how to guide their children to enjoy their digital media and deal with and/or minimise potential risks.

This book makes for essential reading for parents and guardians as well as those who work closely with children in a professional capacity.

Reviewed by Michelle Templeton, PhD student, Queen’s University Belfast

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