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My work is unique

Helen Goldsmith on her agency role.

'I am clinical nurse lead for Local Care Force, an agency that provides nurses to care homes, intermediate care units and private hospitals in Yorkshire.

Picture credit: John Houlihan

My work is exciting and unique. I support agency nurses and provide regular supervisions and appraisals while they are working. Support can be delivered either face to face on site, while meeting in town for a coffee or over the telephone.

Agency nursing can be challenging and difficult. Nurses might find themselves working in areas that are short-staffed and with low morale. Medication systems sometimes vary from place to place, and local policies and procedures differ from area to area.

I try to support nurses for their assignment by establishing that they are prepped before they attend and ensuring that they have the appropriate skills to meet the patients’ needs.

I also support nurses if concerns arise, for example with medication errors, safeguarding worries or other issues.

My role also calls for me to develop a rapport with service managers who request nurses from us. Building good relationships and offering support is paramount in maintaining successful professional networks.

After all, our goals are the same – to ensure that high quality care is being delivered by nurses.'

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