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Ability of parents to remember discharge advice

Parents are unsure when to return to emergency departments after their children have been...

A system for predicting admission and discharge

A predictive model for admission developed at a healthcare campus in Israel identified 94%...

First rib fracture treatment should focus on other injuries

Management of patients with fractures of the first rib should focus on identifying and...

Cornstarch gel an attractive alternative for ultrasound use

Emergency Medicine Journal has performed a study in the use of cornstarch-based gel in...

New formula to help staff reckon weight of patients

Researchers have proposed a new formula to provide an up-to-date weight estimation in adults

Emergency department doctors in Bergen underestimating distress and pain levels, study

Norwegian study carried out in an emergency department in Bergen, found children and parents

Emergency care for people with epilepsy

Epilepsy affects 1% of the UK population with 40% of people who have epilepsy having two or...

Continuity of care in general practice could reduce avoidable hospital admissions in...

Older people who see the same GP over time have fewer avoidable hospital admissions for...

Therapeutic hypothermia will not work with children, researchers find

Researchers analysed the benefits of therapeutic hypothermia through mortality rates,

Grapes are common cause of food-related choking

Grapes account for the third most common cause of food-related choking after hot dogs and

Better practices, decrease pressure on emergency departments

Making it easier for patients to speak to a nurse or GP at short notice could help reduce

What significant changes can early warning scores bring?

Although early warning scores (EWS) are a routine feature in UK emergency departments a

Family presence during resuscitation

Highlighting the inconsistencies in practice having family members present during

Ambulance call dispatchers feel under stress and undervalued

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Children under 3 years most likely to be injured on bicycles

Study finds younger children are often passengers in bicycle seats or trailers, and have...

Emergency doctors often fail to detect delirium in advanced cancer patients

Delirium is the most common neuro-psychiatric syndrome in patients with advanced cancer but