Journal scan

Patients without primary care providers more likely to have CT scan in emergency...

American-based research finds more people who have CT scans in the emergency department didn't have a primary care provider

Research compares use of intravenous paracetamol with oral paracetamol for pain...

An Australian study looks at whether intravenous or oral paracetamol is more effective at reducing pain

Patient using spacer

Using an antistatic spacer with an inhaler improved asthma control, a study found

A study has found that using an antistatic spacer with an inhaler gave patients better asthma control


Alcohol screening: rise in referrals to clinical nurse specialist teams

A recent study looking into emergency departments’ (EDs) current practices regarding alcohol identification has found that there is an increase in their access to clinical nurse specialist (CNS) teams.


Management failure in treating skin and soft tissue infections

Risk factors, such as a fever, are associated with failures in the management of skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs) in emergency department observation units (EDOUs), a review has found.


Lactate levels in patients with suspected sepsis

Emergency department (ED) sepsis screening algorithms should incorporate a serum lactate cut off of ≥2mmol/L as a threshold for the initiation of interventions and increased monitoring, research concludes.

Looking at the use of music to reduce stress in older patients

Attending an emergency department may cause anxiety and distress for some older adults, but can music reduce the stress they experience?

Views of frontline staff on frequent attenders are being ignored, study finds

The opinions of frontline staff have often been ignored in research into frequent attenders of emergency departments, according to the authors of this study.

Emergency care rules fail to curb ‘weekend effect’ hospital deaths

Introducing priority standards for emergency care in hospitals in England has failed to curb excess deaths at weekends, say researchers who call for the rules to be reviewed before they become mandatory

Healthcare staff need recovery time after mass casualty events

The impact of terrorist attacks and disasters that cause multiple casualties can be felt by local health services for many months after the event

South Korean analysis of ED nurses' skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Researchers examine nursing participants' performance in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Regional study looks at use of primary care services in EDs

Regional research looks at use of primary care service in EDs in a bid to reduce patient burden in emergency departments.

Perception of quality care higher in paediatric emergency departments

Nurses perceive the quality of care to be higher for children in paediatric emergency...

High levels of burnout among emergency department staff, Chinese study finds

A Chinese study examines the relationship between satisfaction and burnout in the emergency...

Assessing triage nurses and emergency physicians on their interpretation of the C-3PO...

A study has found almost perfect interrater reliability between triage nurses and emergency...

Stress and anxiety in paediatric patient safety events

The clinical situations in which stress and anxiety are more likely to contribute to...

Is CPR effective on a moving boat?

A quasi-experimental simulation trial was conducted in Tenerife in the Canary Islands to...

Nurses in emergency departments feel less safe

A study has revealed how emergency department (ED) staff across all roles experienced verbal...