Career advice


Practice related feedback: How reducing anxiety for a patient and their family was...

Amanda (Mandie) Burston, assistant resuscitation officer at Royal Stoke University Hospital...

Custody nurse

Delivering person-centred care in police custody

From seeing a detainee who has collapsed in a cell to assessing someone’s fitness to be...

Look after yourself

Caring for yourself when you are the patient

Being a nurse doesn’t give immunity from long-term illness: points to consider after being...


Study highlights link between unfairness and staff sickness

Work dissatisfaction can affect health, recruitment and retention

Careers target

Rediscover your passion by setting fresh career goals

Work motivation can be kick-started by redefining your ambitions

Executive stress

Stress puts off nurse directors from going for the top job

A recent report shows nurse directors are reluctant to take on chief executive roles because...

My job


‘Be prepared to work outside your comfort zone’

Senior charge nurse Susan Macaulay describes what it takes to work in an emergency...


‘Do the right thing and be prepared to support an unpopular view’

Senior lecturer Lorna McInulty explains how becoming a trauma nurse co-coordinator changed...

Jim Bethel

‘Persist and be ambitious: nothing that comes easy is worth having’

University of Wolverhampton Institute of Health Professions senior lecturer Jim Bethel...

Mike Paynter

‘Emergency nurses do an amazing job in challenging circumstances’

Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust consultant nurse in urgent and unscheduled care...

'It's up to nurses to tell politicians how it is'...

Professor Matt Griffiths on lobbying the home office, changing the game for emergency nurses...

Cliff Evans

My job: consultant nurse Cliff Evans

Consultant nurse Cliff Evans on why you need 'true grit' to work in an emergency...

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